Los Angeles Streetcar

Los Angeles Streetcar is a proposed project which will be begin to be build in the next couple of years. This infographic shows the funding sources for this project along with comparing this proejct with similar projects in various cities. It also explains the reason behind the increase in the project cost over time.

Land Value Capture

A class exercise showed that in Los Angeles it is beneficial to sit on vacant land rather than build. To further signify this point, we looked at four different neighborhoods in and around Los Angeles and did a cost assessment to get the return on investment for just land versus building on the land.

California High Speed Rail

CHSR has been in the talks since the day it was conceptualized. Now that this project is moving forward, we wanted to understand the forecasted ridership in relation to the current population in those cities. To visualize that, we created a 3D model comparing the two variables and see that there is no direct relationship. This further brings the question as to what has the forecasted ridership being based on?

Origin Destination Time Analysis

As part of a class exercise, I looked at the the time to reach certain destinations from an origin point. For this exercise, I looked at Inglewood and how long would it take to reach various after-school activities that students living there are interested in. I also looked at different modes of transportation to reach their destinations.

Boardings and Alightings for BART

BART is one of the most used transit system on the Western Coast of US. To get an idea as to how does the ridership look along various stations, I created this graph which combines the passenger entries, exits per station across weekdays and weekends.